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Truck Specialties can provide you with a wide range of equipment and accessories to equip you well for your upcoming project. We strive to offer the best quality products and services for your cars, SUVs, and truck owners. 
Truck Outfitting

Complete Selection of Commercial Outfitting

  • Commercial van equipment
  • Van ladder rack
  • Utility cross bars, van rack with wind deflector
  • Compact vans EZ-LoDown ladder rack
  • Low roof, full-size Van EZ-LoDown ladder rack
  • Standard and high roof, full-size EZ-LoDown ladder rack
  • Compact vans clamp and lock ladder rack
  • Full-size vans clamp and lock ladder rack
  • Heavy duty PRO II van cargo rack
  • Utility cross bars van rack
  • Top mount ladder rack for compact van
  • 5 bar cargo van ladder rack
  • Van partition and bulkhead
  • Compact van aluminum partition
  • Compact van wire partition
  • Compact van partition
  • Low-roof, full-size van partitions
  • Mid and high roof, high, full-size van partition
  • Partition door latch kit
  • Van shelving
  • 33" aluminum feather-lite, adjustable shelf unit
  • 26", 32", 42", 52" EZ adjustable van shelf
  • 32" x 60" Tall EZ adjustable van shelf 
  • 42" x 60" Tall EZ adjustable van shelf
  • 52" x 60" Tall EZ adjustable van shelf
  • Van shelving accessories
  • 10" shelf lip
  • 20" shelf lip
  • 5" wide stackable dividable plastic bin
  • 10" wide stackable dividable plastic bin
  • Shelf dividers
  • Cargo van steel drawer cabinets
  • Door kit shelf
  • J Hook three-prong
  • Hanging file holder
  • Wire reel holder 5 spindle 
  • Divided plastic bin module with shelf lip
  • Wire water jug holder
  • Van trade packages - many different packages to choose from, please inquire within for details
  • Heavy-duty, non-slip side steps
  • Hanging file holder
  • Standing binder holder
  • Standing bin holder
  • Refrigerant tank rack (4 x 30#)
  • Refrigerant tank rack (3 x 30# or 1 x 50# and 2 x 30#)
  • Cabinet locker full door, all-welded
  • Driver data file cabinet
  • 3 long drawers unit
  • Pivot pro 3 long drawer unit on rotating wheel stand
  • Window screens
  • Truck ladder racks
  • Truck racks for trucks without camper shells
  • Heavy-duty pro II steel ladder rack
  • Pro III steel ladder rack for full to mini size trucks
  • Pro IV aluminum truck rack
  • Econo ladder rack
  • Quick pack rack
  • Truck racks for trucks with camper shells
  • Pro II heavy-duty steel ladder rack
  • Pro III ladder rack for all mini and midsize trucks with camper shell
  • Pro III ladder rack all sizes and types of camper shell
  • Econo truck rack for all trucks with cab-high shells front and back
  • Truck racks for trucks with service bodies
  • Covered body ladder racks
  • Heavy duty pro II steel service body rack
  • Truck racks for trucks with platform bodies
  • Pro II platform body rack
  • Truck rack accessories
  • Ratchet strap tie downs #40850
  • Load dividers #31020
  • Bed support full-size truck #31040
  • Window guard for pro II and III #31080
  • Quick clamp cross bar for pro II #31110
  • Utility hook #31150
  • Cooler mount #31160
  • Emergency light mount #31170
  • Cargo buckle #31490
  • Front bar wind deflector #31570
  • Full-length bed rails
  • Quick clamp cross bar for pro III #31600
  • Extra cross bar for pro IV #31690
  • Extension leg kit for camper shell racks
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